Want Relief from Sore and Achy Feet?

By: Elna Botes van Schalkwyk
Sore and Achy Feet

Sore and aching feet can bring a damper to anyone's day. Not only is it painful to walk and get mobile, but it also has to deal with our energy flow, connection through our grounding and just generally an overall imbalance in our energy structure. Foot pain can be due to a number of reasons such as wearing uncomfortable shoes, excessive walking, standing on our feet for a long period of time, some kind of fracture, misalignment in the knee or the hip, mineral deficiency, ingrown toenails, diabetes and MS etc. Here are some of the best home remedies to soothe you painful feet.

Ice therapy is also a good way to reduce pain and swelling of the feet. Take a small amount of crushed ice into a small plastic bag and use it to massage the affected area in a circular motion. Instead of ice pack you can also use a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a thin towel. When ice pack is applied on the painful area of your foot it will temporarily numb the nerve endings and will give you relieve from the pain. At the same time the swelling will also get reduced. You must not apply ice pack for more than ten minutes at a time or else the skin and nerves will get damaged.

Clove Oil:
Clove oil is highly effective in treating headache, joint pain, athlete’s foot, nail fungus and also foot pain. To get quick relief from foot pain, you must gently massage your aching feet with clove oil. This will stimulate blood flow and relax your muscles. You can massage your feet and heels with clove oil several times a day to get quick relief from the pain. Those having sensitive or broken skin must dilute three drops of clove oil with one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil and then use it to massage the foot.

Vinegar is a useful ingredient used in various treatments including foot pain. In order to get relief from foot pain caused due to some kind of sprains or strains, you need to use vinegar wraps both hot and cold. For this remedy take equal amounts of vinegar and water in two vessels. In one vessel use cold water and in the other use hot water. Now soak a towel in the hot water and vinegar mixture, squeeze out the excess moisture and then wrap it around your foot. Leave it wrapped for five minutes. Next repeat the process with cold water and vinegar mixture. Repeat the whole process at least three to four times.

Cayenne Pepper:
Cayenne pepper is a rich source of capsaicin that can help in giving relief from muscle aches and pains, arthritis, muscle strain, lower back pain, and even achy feet. Those suffer from foot pain due to cold must sprinkle some amount of cayenne pepper on their socks before putting wearing them. This way your cold feet will remain warm and you will not feel the pain. Another option is to add half teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder to half bucket of hot water and soak your affected feet in it for few minutes. This will have a soothing on your aching feet and soon you will get relieve from the pain.

Epsom Salt:
Epsom salts can help soothe your feet, thus giving you instant relief from your foot pain. For tired and achy feet, warm water and Epsom salts work better. Take about two to three tablespoons of Epsom salts and add it in a warm water tub. Now soak your feet in the tub for about ten to fifteen minutes and then dry your feet using a clean towel. Here the combination of heat and magnesium work together to relax and ease the pain. As Epsom salts can make your feet dry, it is very essential to apply some moisturizer on your feet afterwards.

If your foot pain is due to some kind of strain, sprain, cut, or soreness, sage can be used to get relief from the discomfort. Take a handful of sage leaves and gently rub them with the help of your hands. Now put the sage leaves in an open vessel with little less than one cup of apple cider vinegar. Allow the mixture to boil and then simmer for five minutes and then remove the vessel from heat. Now take a cotton cloth and soak it in this warm solution and apply it to the affected area. Repeat the process several times to treat foot pain.

Hot and Cold Water:
Hot and cold water therapy can also be used to treat foot pain. While the hot treatment will promote blood flow, cold treatment will reduce the inflammation. When suffering from foot pain, apply a heat pad and an ice pack alternately each for ten minutes to reduce foot pain. Another option is fill one bucket with cold water and another one with bearable hot water. Now sit in a comfortable chair, and dip your feet in hot water for two minutes and then do the same with cold water for fifteen seconds. Repeat the whole process again.

Asparagus can also be used to reduce foot pain as it can remove excess of fluid out of your system. Take some asparagus and steam it for a few minutes. Now eat these asparagus which will act as a natural diuretic. It means it will flush out the excess fluid from your system and the inflammation will automatically get reduced. This remedy is a good option when the foot pain is associated inflammation.

Mustard Seeds:
Mustard seeds can also be used in the treatment of foot pain. It helps to remove the toxic water from the body, improves blood circulation and removes inflammation, thus giving relief from foot pain. Take some mustard seeds and grind them and then add it to half bucket of warm water. Now soak your feet in this water for ten to fifteen minutes and finally pat dry your feet. This remedy will control the swelling and pain.

In case your foot pain is due to cold then the best way to deal with it is cornstarch. Cornstarch will keep the skin dry, prevent inflammation and will keep your feet warm. Take some cornstarch and rub it on your feet so that it can absorb the moisture from your feet. Another helpful natural solution is to put corn starch, or corn starch powder, on your feet, especially between the toes, and sprinkling it inside your shoes before wearing them.

Herbal Pain Relief Spray:
This miracle spray was originally developed by a Chinese Aroma Therapist to help people with severe arthritic pain. This spray is now used to relieve all kinds of pain, such as muscular pain, stress, headaches, period pains, bruises and sprains. Back aches, stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulders. Cramps, insect bites, bee stings, burns, sciatica, fever blisters, joint pains and any other pain you may experience. Just spray on the affected area. To relieve stress, spray the back of the neck and shoulders. Relieves pain within minutes. A REAL FIRST AID IN ONE BOTTLE!

Accu-pressure therapy:
Heel points:
  • Move your thumb and forefinger to either side of the Achilles tendon on your ankle. The spot on the outside of the ankle is "Bladder 60." The spot on the inside of the ankle is called "Kidney 3."
  • Press your thumb and forefinger on either side of this tendon in with firm pressure for a second to test it. Then, hold with medium to firm pressure for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Repeat on the opposite ankle if you have pain on both sides. This set of points can be especially useful if you have bone spurs.
  • Find the place on the inner edge of your heel where red and white skin meet on either side of the heel.
  • Press for a second to make sure you have found the point.
  • Press and hold with very firm pressure for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Find the spot on the back of the heel where the red and white skin meet at the bottom of the Achilles tendon. Press to test and massage firmly around the heel with your fingers between the 3 points.
  • Move your thumb to the center, bottom of your heel. Use your thumb and the pressure from your arm to press very firmly. This can be quite a painful spot if you have severe heel pain. Press firmly as long as you are able.
  • Repeat on the opposite side if you have pain in both feet. This is especially useful for people with plantar fasciitis and bone spurs.
Ball of the Foot:
  • Take your thumb and place it just below the meaty part of the ball of your foot in the center.
  • Press on this spot with firm pressure for 10 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • To further stimulate this point, make a fist with your opposite hand and hit this acupressure point about 30 times.
Top of the Foot:
  • Find the point in the top and center of the foot right before the ankle begins. It should be approximately between your second and third toes. It is also called "Stomach 42."
  • Press with medium pressure for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Move your finger down to the point where the second and third toes meet. This is called "Stomach 44." Press and hold for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Repeat on the opposite foot.
Foods to Eat:
Foods you can eat to help keep your fluid levels balanced when you have bloated and uncomfortable feet include bananas and coffee or tea. Bananas are high in potassium, which helps relieve fluid retention, while coffee and tea are both diuretics. Poultry and fresh fish are also good for bloated and uncomfortable feet because they are low in sodium. Yogurt is another good food to eat to treat foot pain because it can reduce histamine-producing bacteria, which causes fluid retention.

Epsom Salts:
Epsom salts are good for treating foot pain. You can use Epsom salts in a warm bath and soak your feet in it for at least 15 minutes. Epsom salts can dry your feet out, so use a moisturizer afterward.

Crystal healing:
A quick energy boost for healing sore and aching feet can be done right in the comfort of your own home. You will need a small pan or tub, some sea salt and warm water to begin with. You will also need five crystals per each foot, for a total of ten crystals. You will need two Hematite and either eight Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian. Either choice, whether it is Tourmaline or Obsidian, will work so feel free to use them interchangeably. You want to fill your pan or tub with warm water and sea salt to begin. Next place your feet in the water and get them in a comfortable position. Now place one Hematite directly above your toes, in the water, one Hematite per foot. Next take your Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian and place one on each side of each foot. You should still have four crystals left. Now place two at the back of each heel as well. This should form an oval type of shape, with each foot having 5 crystals surrounding it. Soak your feet for 15 minute time periods. After 15 minutes, remove the crystals and place on a dry towel. Next refill the pan or tub with fresh water and sea salt and repeat the procedure as needed. Depending on the issue that cause your foot aches or pains, you may only need one session, or multiple sessions due to the severity. Remember to cleanse the crystals before each use as to not add the negative energy back into the fresh water.

Energizing Support and Cushioning:
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If the pain continues, seek doctor care. Also ask your doctor these following questions:
Once treatment is given, how long will the pain last?
What will happen if I do not address this problem?
What are the chances this pain will continue?
Is there an underlying cause for this problem that also needs to be addressed in order to prevent a recurrence?
What changes, if any, do I need to make in my diet?
Will plantar fasciitis exercises help relieve the pain?
If the pain continues, how long should I wait before coming back?
If I have to come back, what diagnostic tests should I expect?

You need your feet. You cannot get anywhere with them. So if you experience top of foot pain take it seriously. Seek out the cause and treatment to correct it.