Raw Vegan Nori Roll

By: Esther Vasa
Nori is a seaweed that is considered as a superfood by many health experts. It is very high in protein, iron and vitamin C and has a good amount of vitamins A and B2, iodine, potassium and magnesium. However, it is low in fat. Although some are afraid to consume seaweeds because of mercury and arsenic, it is generally believed that hijiki (a seaweed also) might be the worst of all. If you are looking into trying a seaweed, perhaps your best bet is nori.

  • Simply buy Organic Nori sheets and you are on for a great rawlicious treat. 
  • Prepare a salad with "Raw Cabbage Rice", spinach, carrot and drizzle the dressing of your choice. 
  • I made a dressing with avocado, hemp seeds, green chilli, cilantro, himalayan salt and some water. 
  • Place the salad in the nori sheet and prepare your roll.