Banana-Pineapple Ice-cream

By: Esther Vasa

Banana-Pineapple Ice-cream is all natural, casein-free and sugar-free. For this recipe you will need a power blender like a Vitamix. This tool adds a great deal of power and convenience in the kitchen to fix and serve hearty and healthy meals to your family and friends.

Frozen Banana Cuts - 1
Frozen Pineapple Cuts - 1 cup
Almonds - 1/4th cup
Water - 2-3 tbsp

Any toppings of your choice. I do away with toppings for they add unwanted calories.

Drop the almonds and water first; alternately if you have prepared and stored almond milk, use about 1/4th cup of it. Then, add your frozen banana and pineapple bits. Follow the instructions of your Vitamix manual in making an ice cream. Start at variable low with tamper in place and increase it up all the way to 10 pushing the ingredients into the blades. Then, go high for a few seconds and wait till you see four mounds. Serve your ice-cream scoops as you wish.

Alternately, try varying your fruits and may be add a frozen carrot. My family loves this.