Jun - A Fermented Beverage

By: Becky Koch

SCOBY for Jun
Jun second fermented with huckleberries
Green Tea - 2 tsp or two tea bags for quart of tea **
Water - 1 cup
Raw Honey - 1/4th cup
Starter Tea - 1/4th cup (Reserved from last batch)

  • Boil water, steep tea for 10 mins, cool to 115F and add honey.
  • Add to jar, when cool add starter tea and fill with water.
  • Add SCOBY.
  • Ferment to taste.
  • Add fruit for second ferment, if desired.
  • Tea will carbonate in 1-2 days with the addition of sugar or fruit in an anaerobic environment.
  • ENJOY!
 ** Make sure you use Green Tea ONLY. Do not use flavored Green Tea as that will potentially kill the SCOBY.