Juice Combinations

By: Marian Hatcher

Follow these four simple steps to make a flavorful and healthy juice.
STEP1: Pick one item from the SWEET column.
STEP2: Pick one item from the BOLD column.
STEP3: Pick one item from the NEUTRAL column.
STEP4: Juice ingredients in a juicer or a blender.
  • Juice Combinations
    Helps to balance the bolder flavors of strong vegetables. Examples: Apple, beet, carrot, grapes and melon.
  • BOLD:
    Bitter, strong and spicy. Should be tempered by other ingredients. Examples: Cranberry, broccoli, rutabaga, radish and grapefruit.
    These are neither spicy nor bitter and so work well in variety of combinations. Examples: Fennel, peppers, chard, celery and cucumber.