Daniel's Lifestyle & its Positive Effect

By: Daniel Cosgriffe

This time last year i.e., in 2011, I was a mess. I could not use my right arm, legs would drag, my feet and hands had tingling. I could not remember from one hour to the next. I would go at one end every hour or so and the other end once every 7-10 days, and there was more.

So, I changed my diet, went from following Dr. Swank, to almost Paleo now. I still eat some brown rice and steel cut oats every now and then. I still follow Dr Swank’s recommendations regarding fat. I have lost 40Lbs! With all the acupuncture I have done, I feel like a huge pin cushion, I take over 30 supplements daily, am on my 8th IV Hydrogen Peroxide treatment, and my 5th month of LDN.

Today it was 32˚c without the humidity. It was nice and sunny. I took my daughter with lots of cold juice and we went for a nice brisk walk leaving about 4:00pm, and walked just over 3.5 km in about 35 minutes. Now I don’t walk so straight even with the help of the stroller, but I have passed younger people on my walk, and I have not been passed by someone in some time. I’m not bragging, but I am telling people that despite all the doom and gloom with the diagnosis of MS, someone despite what his neurologist told him is doing better.