Superfood Granola Bars

By: Esther Vasa
All the ingredients used in these granola bars are superfoods that come with a variety of nutrients and give you that needed energy for the day. As breakfast bars, they get you started the right way. As energy bars, they provide the energy needed for your exercise. As snack bars, they just make you wanting more and more!

Granola Bars ready to go!
Buckwheat Groats - 1 cup *
Soaked Walnuts - 1/2 cup
Soaked Almonds - 1/2 cup
Dried Bilberries - 2 tbsp
Dried Goji Berries - 2 tbsp
Acai Powder - 2 tsp
GF Raisins and Cranberry Raisins - 1/2 cup
Raw Cacao Nibs - 1 tbsp
Maca - 1 tsp
Chia Seeds - 2 tbsp **
Raw Honey - 1/4th cup or equivalent sweetener ***
Water - 1/2 cup
Himalayan Salt - big pinch
Cinnamon Powder - 1 tsp
Coconut Powder - 2 tbsp or more if you like ****

  • * If you are using raw buckwheat groats, soak them overnight in enough water and rinse many times before using it. If you prefer, you can use toasted buckwheat groats instead.
  • ** Soak chia seeds in half a cup water for about half an hour.
  • *** For sweetener, you can use raw organic honey or equivalent amount of stevia or just date paste. For the date paste, soak up about 10 dates in half a cup water and blend to form a paste. This can go into any of your raw desserts. Or simply skip using any sweetener.
  • Process buckwheat groats, soaked walnuts and almonds in a food processor.
  • Transfer into a large mixing bowl and mix the rest of the ingredients thoroughly. This includes the soaked chia seeds and any sweetener you are using.
  • Transfer the well mixed raw superfood granola mixture onto the dehydrator sheet and spread evenly with a spatula. The first picture down below shows the granola mixture ready to go into the dehydrator.
  • Set the dehydrator at 115F and dehydrate for two hours.
  • Then, flip the granola mixture carefully on a second dehydrator sheet. The easiest way this can be done is by placing the second dehydrator sheet along with the tray over the first one and then by simply turning it over. Slowly, remove the dehydrator sheet!
  • Next, run the pizza cutter to cut equal sized granola bars.
  • Dehydrate for another 6-8 hours. The drying time varies depending on your dehydrator and how thick you spread the mixture on the dehydrator sheet.
  • Remove the granola bars and they are ready to enjoy as they are. The second picture down below shows how they look like when the dehydration process is completed.
  • Or if you like, you can wrap each granola bar with a saran wrap and take these with you for your walk or jog or pack one in your children's lunch box or just enjoy them however and whenever you like.
  • ****Note: I did not add coconut powder while mixing. I sprinkled coconut powder on the dehydrator sheet and pressed the granola mixture on the coconut powder and sprinkled the rest on top.

    Bars well done
    Granola Mixture
    before going into the dehydrator