Mashed Sweet Potatoes

By: Esther Vasa
You get the maximum benefits from Sweet Potatoes either by boiling or steaming. Anthocyanins, that are known for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in sweet potatoes, stay intact by boiling or steaming. It is believed that one gets lower glycemic index also by doing so. This recipe only shows one easy way to prepare mashed sweet potatoes. You can customize it to suit your needs! You can do the same with sweet potatoes that have orange or purple colored  flesh.

Sweet Potatoes - 2 (I used the ones with purple skin)
Almond Milk or coconut milk - about a cup
Soaked Walnuts - 10 (soak at least for 4 hours)
Rosemary - 1/4th tsp (I used dried)
Himalayan Salt - a pinch (to bring out the sweetness)
Organic Raisins for garnish - 2 tbsp
Pure Water - enough for boiling the sweet potatoes


  • Boil or steam sweet potatoes with the skins on (if organic) until the insides are nice and soft. Check by piercing with a fork.
  • Process the sweet potatoes with almond milk in a food processor or you could use a masher.
  • Towards the end of processing, add salt and walnuts so you get some nice texture to the mashed potatoes.
  • Transfer into a serving bowl and garnish with rosemary and raisins. You can finish it off with any other extra toppings you may like.