Dandy Juice

By: Esther Vasa
This is very good and tasty juice made with dandelion greens and hence I called it "Dandy Juice".

Dandelion Greens have many minerals and vitamins and have both curative and preventive properties. Some call it "miracle greens". No wonder they call it miracle greens because it helps with detoxifying liver, kidneys, for removing kidney stones, fighting and preventing certain types of cancers, correcting digestive disorders and also for fighting inflammation. I am not at all surprised that the Chinese used this in their herbal treatments.

Upland Cress can help strengthening immune system, promotes cardiovascular health, provides energy and is supposed to reduce stress.

Dandelion Greens - 1/4th bunch
Upland Cress - 1/4th bunch
Kale - 6 large leaves
Spinach - a big handful
Parsley - a handful
Mint - a handful
Ginger - 1 inch piece
Granny Smith Apples - 2

Juice them away. Makes about 20 ounces juice.