Why Eat Raw Foods

By: Elna Botes van Schalkwyk

Here is a summary of some of the research findings regarding cooking and its effect on food:

§ Heat-sensitive vitamins like vitamin C and the B vitamins, including B12, are destroyed.
§ Good fats become bad fats and eventually turn into trans-fats - the highly toxic type of fat formed in baking and frying.
§ 50% of the bioavailability of proteïn is lost when proteïn-rich foods are cooked.
§ A known human carcinogen called acrylamide is formed in the high-temperature cooking of carbohydrates and proteïn.
§ When more than 50% of your meal (by weight) is cooked, your body experiences an increassed white blood cell count. This means that your immune system has been activated to fight a potential threat: the unrecognisable food you just ate!
§ Cooking destroys the electrical charge of the cells of our food. Our cells in turn lose their charge and can't function properly.
§ Red blood cells clump together and can't efficiently carry oxygen or detoxify the body.

Because of the destruction of all enzymes, cooked food requires far more energy to digest.

Cooking also increases the acid-forming nature of food. Our internal acid/alkaline balance is one of our primary health balances. If our bodies become too acidic, disease follows. If our bodies are alkaline, disease cannot take hold.

(Thanks to Peter Daniel for sharing this info.)