General Tips when on Glucocorticoids

By: Esther Vasa

These are some general tips when on corticosteroids. I hope none of us need them but when such a need arises having these tips on hand might help.
  • Even when you feel like you are burning and hungry, as it's a false alarm, guard your mouth and your eyes
  • Eat in tiny amounts. Let's say you want to enjoy water melon use only 6 pieces of fruit for one serving. Go low on bananas, mangoes and fruits that are high in calories.
  • High potassium diet for the amount of time on glucocorticosteroids and about a month after because corticosteroids cause potassium (K+) loss. With extreme K+ loss it could lead to hypokalemia and if neglected to Cushing's syndrome. With such a thing happening, muscle coordination could be an issue and therefore pump up on potassium. Checkout the LINK for potassium rich foods.
  • Keep drinking alkaline beverages, not the store bought ones though. The best is to load up a glass of water with ice and lemon or lime juice. Keep drinking as it helps flush out the water that accumulates due to steroids thus fighting edema.
  • Go on a a low-sodium diet to avoid fluid retention.
  • Stay away from concentrated sugars and any white or brown sugar. Use fruits sparingly. Power up with greens, broccoli, spinach, celery which is good for bones. Remember: Chances of catching osteoporosis is high and so take calcium and magnesium combo with high quality D3.
  • Omega 3 rich foods like salmon, chia seeds, flaxseeds and organic eggs should be consumed.
  • REST UP and forget not to exercise just because you are on glucocorticoids. Suggested exercises include exercise bike, walk and weights at tolerable level. Stretch as best as you can!