Roti with Pearl Millet Flour

By: Esther Vasa

Roti with Pearl Millet Flour is called as "Jowar ki Roti" in Hindi and "Jonna Rotte" in Telugu. Pearl Millet Flour is a gluten free flour and this is a good choice of flatbread for MS fighters. It is a very simple recipe free of oil.

Pearl Millet Flour - 1 cup
Hot or Boiling Water - almost a cup
Himalayan Salt to taste
Clean wet kitchen towel or wet paper towel

Combine salt and the millet flour. Add a little hot water to the flour each time and stir with a spoon until the water is absorbed well by the flour. The only way this gluten free flour binds is by incorporating hot water into the flour. Further, keep kneading the dough until you get tortilla dough consistency to make it into a nice rounded ball. On a flat surface, sprinkle some flour and using the palm of your hand flatten the dough to make it into a nice six to eight inch diameter roti. If you find it hard to flatten using your hands you could use a rolling pin to complete the roti. Put this on a hot pan and press the top of the roti with a wet kitchen towel or paper towel. Then, turn it to the other side and check for doneness. Serve it with any chutney or dhal or soup. Makes around six rotis.