Avocado 'Sushi' Salad

By: Elna Botes van Schalkwyk

Authentic sushi rolls are tricky to make, but you can enjoy similar flavours in the appetizer, a simple presentation of rice on green salad leaves. Use soft lettuce in place of spinach if you prefer.

250 ml brown rice
1,25 ml Himalayan salt
60 ml balsamic vinegar
30 ml carotino oil (you can replace this with light soya sauce if you want to)
30 ml lemon or lime juice
20 ml xylitol
1 medium carrot, cut into 5-mm dice
2 small avocados, cut into 5-mm dice
24 small spinach leaves

In a medium saucepan, bring 500 ml of water to a boil. Add the rice and salt, cover and simmer for 17 minutes or until tender. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, bring the vinegar, carotino oil, lime juice and xylitol to a boil. Remove from the heat. Stir into cooked rice. Transfer the seasoned rice to a bowl and let cool to room temperature. Stir the carrot and avocado into the rice. Prepare four 225-ml ramekins or bowls and, dividing evenly, spoon the mixture into the bowls. Gently but firmly press down. Arrange the spinach on serving plates and invert the moulded rice salads onto the spinach.

Serves: 4

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