Whole Millet Scoops

By: Esther Vasa
Whole Millets or Foxtail Millets are also called "Korralu" in Telugu. This millets are the oldest millets and are very rich in iron and mostly eaten by farmers, construction workers and hard workers in India. It is being increasingly embraced as a grain of nutrition everywhere around the world.

Whole Millets - 1 cup
Curly Kale - 2 cups (tightly packed)
Scallions - 1/4th cup
Thyme - a tsp (or use any herbs you have at home)
Unsulphured Black Beauty Raisins - 1/4th cup (or any unsulphured raisins)
Water - 2 cups
Extra Virgin Olive oil - 2 tsp
Himalayan Salt to taste

Wash the whole millets once. Add water, salt, scallions and thyme and bring it to a boil and then cook on low heat until millets are almost cooked well. At this point add kale and cover cook until done and then fluff it. Turn off the heat and let it sit for about 15 minutes and then add the oil and raisins and mix well. Using a rounded ladle scoop out the cooked millets and serve it with any salad or gravy or a soup.

Serves: 4