Vegetable Brown Rice with Herbs

By: Esther Vasa

Vegetable Brown Rice with Herbs is very flavorful and the rich aroma acts as a natural appetizer. The herbs fight colds, heal sinuses and throat infections.

Brown Rice - 1 cup soaked for an hour
Carrots, corn, green beans and peas - 1 cup
Bay Leaves - 3
Fresh Thyme - 1 tsp
Fresh Rosemary - 1 tsp
Basil - few leaves chopped fine
Cumin Powder - 1/4th tsp
Cayenne Pepper - few pinches
Extra Virgin olive Oil - 1 tsp
Himalayan Salt to taste
Water - 3.5 cups
Diced Onions or Spring Onions - 1/4th cup to garnish
Julienne Cut Peppers - a few for garnishing (optional)

Soak up brown rice for an hour at least. When ready transfer into a steel cooking pot with all the ingredients listed above except onions and peppers. Cook until rice is well done. Make sure you stir in occasionally. When done, transfer into a serving bowl and garnish with diced onions and peppers. Enjoy with a soup of your choice.