Chicken Kadai

By: Esther Vasa

Chicken Kadai is a famous way of cooking chicken in India. You will find this recipe in most Indian restaurants. It is easy to make but very savoring. Traditionally, skinless chicken with bones is used for this recipe. Alternately, you could use chicken breast!

Chicken - 1.5 pounds
Onion - 1 diced fine or you could throw the onion in a food processor just so it is not too smooth
Tomatoes - 3 or 4 diced very fine (I love tomatoes and so I use 4)
Crushed Ginger and Garlic - 1 tbsp
Curry Leaves - 10
Green Chillies - 3 (cut lengthwise)
Red Chilli Powder - 1/4th tsp
Black Pepper Powder - a few pinches
Coriander Powder - 1tsp
Cumin Powder - 1tsp
Ground Cinnamon and Cloves - 3 pinches
Turmeric - 1/4th tsp
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Cilantro - chopped fine
Himalayan Salt to taste
Extra Virgin Olive oil - 2 tbsp

Wash the chicken thoroughly and squeeze out any water. Marinate chicken for an hour in salt, black pepper, red chilli powder, turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon and cloves powders with a tbsp of oil and lemon juice. Set this aside.

Heat up the leftover oil in a large wok and allow the mustard seeds to splutter. Then add the curry leaves and let them fry for about 10-20 seconds. Next, add green chillies, ginger and garlic paste and stir for 30 seconds and then add the diced onion and stir for a minute. At this time chicken can be added. Mix well and close the lid for about 10-15 minutes. Then, add in the tomato puree and let the chicken cook with the tomato puree for another 10 minutes or so. By this time, your chicken should be done well. You can garnish with chopped cilantro leaves if you like or just enjoy it right away with a cup of warm brown rice cooked with herbs.

Serves: 5 or 6