Boiled Peanuts with Shells

By: Esther Vasa

Peanuts – based on the number of people
Water – to fully submerge the peanuts
Salt – per your taste

This is one of my favorite snacks. Peanuts when boiled are very rich in antioxidants. Your whole family can enjoy this snack! You will need a steel pressure cooker or a steel pasta pot for this recipe.

Get the peanuts that are raw (slightly green). Clean them thoroughly in water to remove dirt or grime and cut any extensions to the peanuts. Transfer the peanuts into a pressure cooker or a pasta pot (I prefer to slightly crack the shells). Then fill the cooker or pot with water until all the peanuts are submerged in it. Then throw in salt. I prefer not to use too much salt. But, the best tasting boiled peanuts need generous amount of salt. Then cover the lid and pressure cook for about 20 minutes or until the peanuts are done. If you are using a pasta pot, it takes anywhere from an hour to three hours to boil the peanuts. After the peanuts are boiled, let them cool down in the cooker or the pot. Then drain the water and put the peanuts in a serving bowl. Once you start snacking on these it is hard to stop. So, don’t make too much. This is a good snack for children also!

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