Finger Millet Scoops with Brown Rice

By: Esther Vasa

This dish is also known as "Ragi Sangati" in South India.

Brown Rice – ½ cup (soaked at least for an hour)
Finger Millet Flour – 2 cups
Water – 7 cups
Salt to taste

Put the water in a steel pasta pot and bring it to a boil along with the salt. Add the soaked brown rice and let the rice cook until it is well done and soft. Let it simmer at this point. Add the finger millet flour and cover the lid. Do NOT stir immediately. Let this simmer for about five minutes. By this time the millet flour slowly gets mixed with the water. Using a heavy wooden ladle stir it and make sure there are no lumps. Keep stirring until the mixture thickens. Allow it to cool.

Next step is to make nice looking finger millet scoops. If you don’t mind enjoying it without making rounded scoops, you may skip this step. Dampen a plate and take out a scoop of this mixture and using your wet hands turn it into a nice round ball. Repeat this step until the mixture is complete. Transfer into a serving plate and serve a ball for each individual. You may enjoy this with “Peanut Chutney” or “Lentil Soup” or “Mustard Leaves and Spinach Chutney”. Recipes for Peanut Chutney and Mustard Leaves and Spinach Chutney will follow in the next few days.

Active Preparation Time: About ½ hour

Serves: 6