Watermelon Feta Salad

By: Lisa Butler-Portelli

I love watermelon and have since I was a young girl. There's something special about it. Fresh, succulent, sweet, juicy and delectable. I lived in Norway when I was growing up, and every summer when I returned to Brooklyn, NY, my grandfather and I had a ritual. We'd go around the corner to a produce stand and get the biggest watermelon we could find. He grew just about everything in his garden, but when he gave the soil a rest, he would get what he wanted at this little spot. Anyway, here's my watermelon recipe. Gives a new twist on eating it. You need to try it ok?

1 large seedless watermelon, cut in cubes
1/2-3/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
3-4 long stems freshly cut mint, coarsely chopped or strip leaves and mix in
Bit of cracked pepper

Gently mix together to get the juices going and chill in fridge. Best to make early in the day and periodically mix until served. Simple recipe, but packed with so much flavor! It's as easy as that! Enjoy!

Esther's feedback:
I tried Lisa's recipe, skipping feta cheese (am on a dairy-free diet) and believe me, it was simply fantastic even without cheese. Instead I sprinkled a little sea salt,as that's what I had handy. Enjoy!

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